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  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerwater wave
  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerkinky straight
  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerkinky straight
  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerbody wave
  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerdeep wave
  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerbeyonce body wave
  • stock full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerdeep body wave
  • stock lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerdeep body wave
  • stock lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturerstraight
  • stick full lace wigs,Qingdao,China wig manufacturer15mm curl
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  • Celebrity lace wigs 68Celebrity lace wigs 68
  • Celebrity lace wigs 66Celebrity lace wigs 66
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  • celebrity lace wigs 51Celebrity lace wigs 51
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  • celebrity lace wigs 77Celebrity lace wigs 77
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  • lace top closureTop closures-09
  • lace top closureTop closures-10
Qingdao Human wigs Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of  human hair full lace wigs, lace front wigs, glueless lace wigs, U-part lace wigs, African American lace wigs, silk base top wigslace frontals, skin wefts, hand-tied hair extensions, machine made hair extensions, top lace closures, pre-tipped hair extensions in Qingdao, China. We integrate design, research, manufacture and sales together. 

We are specialized in manufacturing of full lace wigs in a variety of curly and wavy textures popular in market such as Spanish wave, deep wave, Beyonce big body wave, Big bottom curl, Tony curl, Tail curl, kinky straight, water wave, Italy yaki, super weaving, jerry curl, afro. curl , and so on. We can custom-made any textures and dye all the hair color according to your pictures.

We have the special hair treatment method to ensure our wigs no shedding, no matted. We are keeping durable business relationship with more than 200 human hair wholesalers in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, etc. 
 Why choose us?
1. 5,000+ pcs of stock lace wigs for immediate ship;
2. Factory direct sales, synthetic lace wigs from $25, lace front wigs from $59, full lace wigs from $95;
3. We can Guarantee that our lace wigs can last at least 1 year or more if cared for properly;
4. Supper fast shipping. It will arrive at your door in 1 or 2 working days;
5. Any curly and wavy textures can be made immediately for free!
6. Some vendors use poor lace and low quality hair even mix animals and synthetic hair to lower price, we refuse do that!
www.lacewigscn.com logo    Qingdao Human Wigs Co.,Ltd.

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